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Enter the Arena!

Time: 21:00-21:30 on Monday (server time)

Level Requirement: ≥40

Other Requirements: Must be in a guild

How to join: Choose Arena in the Wits tab under the Challenge panel, or click the Arena announcement to enter.
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A flag stands in the middle of the Arena and is free for all to capture. Once captured, the flag will be protected from further captures for 3 mins. Apart from the flag, you may also go after the large number of treasure chests which spawn around the arena. They contain EXP, Chi, Vouchers, Warsouls and Merit.

1.You gain bonus EXP and Chi for being in the arena. There are 4 bonus zones which give 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x bonus respectively. Stay in a zone for 5 secs for the bonus multiplier to apply. 
2.Treasure chests spawn around the arena. Collect them to get EXP, Chi, Vouchers, Warsouls and Merit. 
3.Kill members of other guilds for Merit. You gain 1 Merit for each regular opponent you kill, and 2 Merit for each member of the flag holding guild. You may earn up to 300 Merit this way each time.