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Any players may buy it from the Shop. 
You will find under the Lance tab in the character panel after the purchase. 
It may only be used while mounted. 

Lance can be upgraded when you reach lvl. 55
You’ll need Blessed Iron from Name:  QQ图片20131230120703.jpg
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NOTE: The upgrade mechanism of Lance is similar to that of Mount. 
You gain Blessing when you fail an upgrade, and higher Blessing means a greater chance of having a successful. 
Blessing resets after a successful upgrade, or 72 hours after the first failed upgrade attempt.

3.Lance Skills:
From R3 and onwards, Lance skills will be unlocked. 

4.Sneak Peak – Lance Skills:
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R5 & R6: You may choose to apply the effect of other skills you know to Radiant Strike. 
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5.Sneak Peek – Lance
R1:Silver Lance
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R2:Notched Lance
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R3:Soul Piercer
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R4:Moon Chaser
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Name:  R5:Impaler.jpg
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R6:Golden Death
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R7:Coiling Dragon
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