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Rename Card and Gender Change Pill

Rename Card
Want to make your kickass character name even cooler? Now you can get a Rename Card and make that come true!
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1. You may purchase Rename Cards from the Shop for 999 Gold each.
2. Rename Cards may be used only once every 168 hours (7 days).
3. If you’re the Emperor or holds a position in the Ruling Guild, your name on the Emperor’s statue and in the Seal Battle panel won’t be changed until the next Seal Battle begins.

Gender Change Pill
Want to enjoy a new life? Now you have the opportunity to experience how it is to be the opposite gender! A Gender Change Pill will help you out!
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1. You may purchase Gender Change Pills from the Shop for 599 Gold each.
2. Gender Change Pills may only be used once daily.
3. If you’re already married, for the sake of your spouse you’ll need to divorce first. 
4. Gender limited equipment you own will be converted accordingly.