Sever Link on 7/24



To provide a better gaming experience in Blood and Jade, we will be merging the following servers.


1. [S37+S38+S39+S40] & [S13+S16+S19+S22

Voucher Rewards Missing after Merge


After the Merge of S49 S50 S51 S52 and S55 S58 S61 the Reward Vouchers are gone or missing we all demand you fix this. You already are greedy. With everything else now you take the one thing people ca

Is anyone level 120? Is there level 120


I\'m curious if there is level 120 equipment in the game or not. I\'m level 110 and see no signs of any. But I figured maybe with fortify stones a level 120 might still be able to get them?

after maintenance


R2VET, at S64

PLEASE PLEASE stop create more mess each time maintenance, the game getting bug each time maintenance, please fix back the event timer,:mad: