Blood and Jade Alpha - Long Road to Empire

Young warrior, a journey of a thousand miles begins right now! You have the power of the goddesses by your side- heed the call! Seize your destiny and rule the land of Qin with these exclusive alpha events!

 All characters and items will be wiped at the end of the alpha. Vouchers and gold obtained will not carry over into the beta.

Event Times: Oct. 14th 7:00 P.M. – Oct 29 2:00 A.M.

Consecutive Login Rewards

Description: Log in every day during the alpha for rewards, beautiful. If you forget to log in, the counter will reset! Don’t forget!

 1 day: 100 Vouchers
 2 days: 200 Vouchers
 3 days: 300 Vouchers
 4 days: 400 Vouchers
 5 days: 500 Vouchers, Souldrop x1
 6 days: 600 Vouchers, Souldrop x2
 7 days: 700 Vouchers, Souldrop x3
 8 days: 800 Vouchers, Souldrop x4
 9 days: 900 Vouchers, Souldrop x5
 10 days: 1,000 Vouchers, Souldrop x6, Chi Pill x1
 11 days: 1,100 Vouchers, Souldrop x7, Chi Pill x2
 12 days: 1,200 Vouchers, Souldrop x8, Chi Pill x3
 13 days: 1,300 Vouchers, Souldrop x9, Chi Pill x4
 14 days: 1,400 Vouchers, Souldrop x10, Chi Pill x5

Expanded Level Up Rewards

Description: Get the blood pumping, get strong, and level up! Receive Gold and other prizes at the following levels:

 Level 10: 100 Gold
 Level 20: 400 Gold
 Level 30: 800 Gold
 Level 40: 1,600 Gold
 Level 50: 3,200 Gold, Shadow Transform Pill x1
 Level 60: 6,400 Gold, Oceanic Transform Pill x1

Love Thy Mount

Description: Get a great bonus when you upgrade high level mounts! Ride ‘em, cowboy!

 Alpha Wolf: Mount Upgrade Pack x1
 War Urso: Mount Upgrade Pack x2
 Gore Tiger: Mount Upgrade Pack x4
 Shadow: Mount Upgrade Pack x6
 Oceanic: Mount Upgrade Pack x8
 Fiery: Mount Upgrade Pack x10
 Dragon Hierophant: Mount Upgrade Pack x15

Note: Each Mount Upgrade Pack contains one of the following:

 Souldrop (S) x1
 Souldrop (M) x1
 30% Bonus Pill x2
 Souldrop (L) x1
 50% Bonus Pill x2
 Souldrop (XL+) x1
 Red Rose x5
 Copper Goodie Bag x2 (open to receive 2,000,000 Copper)
 Gem Essence x100
 Gem Essence x500
 Mount Evolve Pill x10
 Mount Evolve Pill x100

Boss Invasion

Description: The city of Xianyang has been invaded! Every day, starting from the second day of the alpha, a boss will spawn at 8pm (Server Time) in the city of Xianyang. Defeat him, and he may drop rare items. The three players who deal the most damage to the boss will receive extra rewards.

Boss Fengchen
Stats: HP: 80,000,000; Attack: 500; Defense: 500
Drops: Mount Pill x10, Gem Essence x5, Red Rose x10, Copper x5, Enchant Stone x10, Voucher Card x10

Note: All dropped items are unbound.

The three players who deal the most damage to the boss will earn the following bonus rewards: 

First place:

 Mount Pill x30
 Gem Essence x500
 Vouchers x300
 Souldrop (XL) x2

Second place:

 Mount Pill x15
 Gem Essence x300
 Vouchers x200

Third place:

 Mount Pill x10
 Gem Essence x 200
 Vouchers x 100

4th to 10th place:

 Mount Pill x5
 Gem Essence x 100
 Vouchers x 100